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  • What is "handcrafted" and what does it mean at Dreaming Tree Woodworks?"
    "Handcrafted" is the act of using manual labor (your hands) to fashion or create a work. At Dreaming Tree Woodworks, we take pride in offering handcrafted and hand-carved kitchenware. We use our hands and woodworking tools to draw, carve, chisel, shave and sand our wooden pieces. Although handcrafting and hand-carving takes more time, we strongly feel that it makes all the difference. The pieces have character, spirit and a quality unlike anything made by a machine. We hope you see and feel the difference, too!
  • Where can I purchase a Dreaming Tree Woodworks utensil or board?
    Dreaming Tree Woodworks sells their kitchenware at local markets, fairs, and festivals in New Jersey. For a complete list, please visit our EVENTS tab. (Times and Locations to be announced soon)
  • What wood types do you use and where do you source it?
    We use a variety of hardwoods, including cherry, black walnut, fancy maple, birch and ash. We source as much wood locally as possible and are fortunate to have connections within the neighboring towns. Matthew also uses his Alaskan chainsaw mill to make boards from fallen trees on the farm, that we then let cure and dry, and will make into the kitchenware you see today.
  • What measures does Dreaming Tree Woodworks take to being more sustainable?
    At Dreaming Tree Woodworks, we aim to be as sustainable and resourceful as possible and hope to inspire this mentality in each of our customers. As mentioned in the previous question, the hard woods used for our kitchenware products have been locally or sustainably sourced. Matthew makes many of the boards used using an Alaskan-chain-saw mill, and the wood is left to dry and cure here on the farm. Because we make handcrafted and hand-carved items, we use less electricity or machine power to make each piece. Our handcrafted kitchenware is packaged and shipped in 100% recyclable materials (except for the tape)! We challenge you to reuse the packaging. Get creative. Have fun! We would love to hear and see your ideas! Please send us your ideas through Dreaming Tree Woodworks’ Facebook page, and look here for what others have dreamed up.
  • What do you finish your products with?
    Our wooden utensils and kitchenware are finished with an all-natural, organic mixture of food safe mineral oil and beeswax.
  • Why does my spoon look a little different than pictured online?
    In addition to being handcarved, each wood type brings its own characteristics, as does every piece of wood. Therefore, each piece will be unique!
  • How do I care for my wooden piece?
    Your unique, wooden utensil or cutting board is made to last through many occasions; however, please wash it by hand. Do not let it sit in water for long periods of time and do not place it in the dishwasher. Our wooden products have been soaked in food-safe mineral oil and finished with an all-natural beeswax and mineral oil mixture for protection and quality purposes. As with all natural, wooden products, it is normal for the wood to slightly expand with extended use. To preserve its quality and to ensure it lasts a lifetime, we advise that you periodically rub our beeswax and mineral oil mixture or food-safe mineral oil on your wooden piece(s). This can be found at your local health food store.
  • What are your return policies?
    We do not accept returns for our kitchenware or utensils.
  • What if my kitchenware breaks?
    If your piece breaks due to defects in the wood or craftsmanship, please reach out to us and we will assist you as best as we can.
  • Can I make a request for a custom piece?
    Yes! Please reach out to us if you have an idea for a custom piece. Matthew will do his best to meet your needs! Please note: For all custom pieces, full payment is due prior to the making of your custom piece. Thank you!
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