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Dreaming Tree Woodworks is a family-run business situated on a beautiful homestead in the heart of Maine. Each wooden piece is created here, amidst the open fields, woods and fresh air. Our three children enjoy their days exploring, roaming wild and free, and gardening, as do Matthew and I! We are continually inspired by our surroundings and feel grateful for the opportunity to share a small piece of it with you.  

At Dreaming Tree Woodworks, we take pride in offering handcrafted and hand-carved kitchenware. We use our bare hands and woodworking tools to draw, carve, chisel, shave and sand our wooden pieces. Although handcrafting and hand-carving takes more time, we strongly feel that it makes all the difference. The pieces have character, spirit and a quality unlike anything made by a machine. We hope you see and feel the difference, too!


Matthew uses an array of hardwoods, namely cherry, fancy maple, black walnut, birch and ash. Each wood type brings its own unique characteristics, as does every piece of wood. Therefore, each piece will be different!


We source all our wood locally and sustainably. Matthew uses an Alaskan chainsaw mill to create boards from fallen trees that we later use for some of our wooden craft. These boards are dried and cured on our farm.

In addition to kitchenware, Matthew has built benches, desks, side tables, coffee tables, and kitchen tables. If you have any inquires or questions regarding his furniture making, please reach out to us.


Thank you so much for supporting Dreaming Tree Woodworks! We are so glad you found us. We hope you enjoy your wooden piece(s) as much as we enjoy making them for you.



Matthew and Kim  

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